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July 28, 2008

lega sket dah time nk gi klas pg td mmg seksa sket..rase mcm nk pakai short jek gi klas..mne x nyer pakai jeans gi klas..mau nyer x berlaga dgn luka aku tuh..pedih siot..tggl sluar balik pastu tmpal luka tu dgn kain gos..pastu sempat gi klinik jap ngan is sbb dier pn xbrape sihat..dpt ubat […]

there nothin’ in this world

July 25, 2008

layan plak dgr lagu neh..rentak yg agak catchy..bosan nyer..xtau nk buat ape..spare part yg aku beli td igt nk psang ader advisor2 aku yg cdg kan xyah..sbb tool byk xde..buat pasal jek da bukk sume tp nk psang prob..bende bukan murah2..just psang air filter@cendawan jek td..ok lah..snyp sket moto aku..xde la memekak sgt kalo […]

due date

July 23, 2008

oho board psm nk buat due date presentation final makin zamri bgtau msa klas drawing smlm..mmg mencanak nk menyiapkan report ngan presentation..siot..pegi lab td igt dpt siapkan sket porting work kat head toyota..xdpat gak..cik mail ckp xde hal lah kalo gasket levin xjmpa..mmg xdpt stakat nk dpt gasket untuk intake ngan exhaust manifold sesaje..kalo […]

nissan 350z

July 23, 2008

Engine Modification – JWT 700BB Twin Turbo System – Swain Tech BBE Coated FMIC – HKS SSQV BOV – AutoTechnic CF Shroud – ARC Oil Catch Can V2 – Koyo Oversized Radiator – Samco Blue Hoses – Cosworth Intake Manifold (Polished) – UR Underdrive Crank Pulley w/ Gates Belts – DeatschWerks 600cc Injectors – NGK […]

2006 Civic Si

July 23, 2008

SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Comptech Supercharger, Hondata/Comptech Reflash, AEM F/IC Piggyback, RC Engineering 650cc Injectors, PulleyBoys 3.2” Pulley, Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket, AEM Cold Air Intake System, SSR 4-2-1 Full Race Header & Test Pipe, GReddy EVO2 Cat-back Exhaust, Comptech Short Shifter, CorSport Metal Shift Cable Bushings, Ingalls Engine Dampening Power Stick, JDM DC5-R Valve Cover, JDM […]

vauxhall-Thurlby Astra T9

July 11, 2008

Engine: In-line 4-cyl, 1910cc, 16v, turbo Max power: 200bhp @ 3350rpm Max torque: 339lb ft @ 2750rpm 0 – 60mph: 6.5sec (claimed) Top Speed: 140mph+ (claimed) Price: £19,345

Lamborghini Reventon

July 11, 2008

Wind-tunnel testing has resulted in improved air-flow through the openings all over the new bodywork and a drag coefficient down to 0.27 from the original 0.30, while front and rear downforces at high speed increase for greater stability at the far end of the speedometer. Better air supply is partially responsible for the ten additional […]

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

July 10, 2008

Most focused open Aston ever Handling balance a bit ‘safe’ Engine: V8, 4280cc, 32v Max power: 380bhp @ 7000rpm Max torque: 302lb ft @ 5000rpm 0 – 60mph: 4.9sec (claimed) Top Speed: 175mph (claimed) Price: £91,000

Honda Civic Type-R

July 10, 2008

Great ride/handling and traction Spartan interior, brutal gear change Engine: In-line 4-cyl, 1998cc, VTEC and VTC Max power: 260bhp @ 8200rpm Max torque: 184lb ft @ 6500rpm 0 – 60mph: 5.0sec (claimed) Top Speed: 155mph (claimed) Price: £64,749 On sale: Now (

Dax Rush

July 10, 2008

Engine: Cosworth Ford 2-litre Max power: 430bhp 0 – 60mph: 2.48sec Top Speed: 150mph (see text)